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Video Surveillance as a Service Solution

Cloud CCTV

Cloud CCTV
Cloudview provides a transformation in the effective management and protection of corporate assets, customers, and staff, enabling you to record and report crime, witness and share CCTV from cameras across multiple networked sites.
Visitor Aware incorporates the Cloudview Visual Network System (VNS) into its CCTV applications, which have been expressly designed to deliver the benefits of Internet Protocol (IP), and Cloud Based Technology.
Without the accompanying costs or complications such as Static or Dynamic Internet Protocol (IP) addressing and Port forwarding customarily related with surveillance installations, Cloudview is unique.

Cloudview's approach minimises the up-front investment, offering the world's first corporate-grade cloud surveillance solution, that connects digital IP or analogue cameras to the Internet via the simple Cloudview plug-and-play visual network adapter (VNA).

With Cloudview’s capability of adding to existing analogue and digital IP surveillance systems and integration with other surveillance systems, Cloudview is highly scalable, secure and is exclusively manageable through a browser using a Personal Computer, Tablet or Smartphone, from anywhere in the world.

Reporting Crime Just Got Easier

Cloudview Video Surveillance as a Service now allows businesses for the first time, the ability of expeditiously uploading footage captured by any analogue or IP CCTV system onto the Facewatch database.
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